newswall is a tool to display feeds and e-mails.

Just like on a "news wall" all messages - sorted by date and time - show up in small blocks, if possible together with an image. That way it is easy to find the most important and interesting news and then have a closer look at these. So it is sort of a feed reader mixed with an e-mail viewer having the look of an image gallery. Or so... Might also be a good choice for the iPad - and other tablets, too ;-)

Like a number of other projects newswall initially was created for own personal needs: Using standard news readers it was hard to crawl and click through folder structures to finally find out what messages are actually hidden behind all those more or less "faceless" titles. It also is very helpful to have your e-mails showing up together with the feed messages: You can keep newswall running in a browser tab and once you hear a signal sound you know: Hey, there's something new :-)

So in case someone can make use of this script - here it is... Have fun! :-)

newswall is not just a "news wall". You can also read the complete feed entries and e-mails. You can switch to the full view with a simple click on the short preview text of a message.

Using the screen icon at the bottom right you can open the web view of a message (as an example you see a feed entry by here). The close icon next to it leads you back to the overview of messages.

For those who only want to zap through all the teaser images there is a lightbox feature included: Just click on one of the images shows on the newswall and here you go...

A special feature is linking news titles (or author names) to images. So instead of a sender's name above the preview text a photo of that person shows up. That way these messages better catch your attention. Also: If you read the e-mail then next to the message text there's also the face of that person smiling at you... Okay, depending on the photo used ;-)

The blocks are displayed in a dynamical way: The available browser width regulates the number of blocks per row. In addition depending on the text size of a message the block contains text only, a header image and text below or just an image. If the news contains a lot of text then a bigger block is used to get more of the content to read on the newswall.

It is very easy to add feed addresses (atom and rss) as well as e-mail accounts (pop3 and imap): A click on the upper left logo opens the settings form. Using tabs different sections can be edited and all definitions can be made. These for example include languages (at the moment English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Russian are available) and themes - different fonts, other colors, a change in block size? With the help of stlyesheets the layout of newswall can be adjusted:

It is also possible to "share" messages: Either by using the star symbol on the detail page of an article (in the bottom statusbar) or directly on the newswall with a right mouse button click on the small icon up right of the relevant news block.

A search function as well as separate password protection for the system and the settings panel are also included. There are some more settings that can be configured and some "hidden" functions to be discovered. But all in all these should be self-explaining... :-)

By the way: When I started coding on newswall in May 2010 I neither heard of the "Microsoft Phone 7 Interface" nor "FeedSquares" or other tools with similar layout or function before. Only "Pulse" was something that I knew of. But obviously the "Pulse" concept is way different from the newswall functionality... Nevertheless tools/interfaces of this kind seem to be in the air these days :-)

Here you can test newswall right away. This demo version does not allow to save your settings and entries.

You can still have a look at the setting forms. Click on the logo up top of the newswall to open the settings popup. You can reach the form for title-image links with a click on a news title... Just give it a try:

  Check out newswall online

Note: All feeds that show up in this demo are not related to newswall. They belong to a number of news and info sites and are only used here to demonstrate the tool.

To install the script you need a webserver with PHP (tested with Apache2 and PHP 5.2.3), there's no need for a database.

A browser is used to display the newswall. Active javascript is a must-have: Firefox 3, Safari 4, IE 8 and Chrome are doing a good job here :-) What's yet missing is the script - and here it is:

  Download newswall for free

Final release: 1.10 (321kB)

Unpack the ZIP archive and upload the complete folder "newswall" to your server. Then call the "newswall" directory with your browser - that's it. The script must be able to write to the "newswall" directory as well as to the (yet empty) directories inside the "images" folder.

After the first start the newswall probably looks pretty empty. To make a change: Click on the logo and add some feeds :-) Keep in mind that the more feeds you add the more time the script will need to load and to display all the messages in the end! In short: Better do not use newswall if you want to subscribe to countless feeds and receive loads of e-mails...

Creative Commons Licensenewswall may and should be used and published "as is" for free. So keep it free - no charge even if others use or distribute the script!
Important: newswall makes use of some other Open Source Codes (e.g. jquery and MagpieRSS) that might have different terms of use!

Version History (date of release):
1.10 (2011-09-16) FINAL RELEASE Bugfix: Messages are no longer hidden in case of too many E-mails, no stop of the newswall if there are E-mail connectivity issues, better support for image preview of videos, timeline for next refresh, lightbox image preview for "full box sized" images (click upper part: lightbox, click lower part: link), share on Google+, some additional themes, minor beauty adjustments
1.09 (2011-07-14) Bugfix: E-mail compatibility, support of channel images in feeds, title-image-links are now also protected using the password for the settings panel
1.08 (2011-04-04) Added Italian language file, SSL support for Gmail accounts (use imap/, support for e-mail attachments, message filters (highlight, fade, ...) can now be disabled (enter 0), bugfixes: Display feeds using dc:date tag and removed unwanted animation in admin panel
1.07 (2011-01-04) "Share" function, check for PHP5, bugfixes: A couple of IE issues solved
1.06 (2010-11-21) Bugfixes: Wrong message on clicking "more" and closure of security holes (thanks to the bug reporter!)
1.05 (2010-11-11) Password protection for settings panel, search function (+/- to indicate "must" or "must not" include), support for youtube direct links (shows up on the newswall with on a left mouse button click), link to the feed's webpage via its title in the feed view, the browser's title shows the headline of the current message, easier settings startup after a first installation, bugfix: more secure data storage
1.04 (2010-11-03) Added Spanish and Russian language file, better support for e-mail accounts without TLS, mouse click behaviour adjustable (show feed or website), bugfix: unlink images from e-mails
1.03 (2010-09-30) Right mouse click on image unlinks from a defined title, better support for https feeds, click on 3rd mouse button opens link in new window (depends on browser)
1.02 (2010-08-14) Added Dutch language file, added uncut preview image in tool tip, right mouse click opens web view of feed message
1.01 (2010-07-21) Added French language file
1.00 (2010-07-02) Original newswall release

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

The language file is available in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Russian at the moment. If you want to translate newswall into another language please don't hesitate to do so (check out the German language file in the directory "languages").
New themes can also be created. Just add a new CSS file to the themes folder. Have a look at the existing theme files to see how they are set up...

So if you want to contact me (likes and/or donations are also always welcome) just drop me a line or post a comment below. Thank you :-)


John Szabo on 01/03/2017  
Greetings I installed your NewsWall (URL deleted) and Im not able to get the RSS Feeds to show, it acts if they are loading but dont, Thanks Much, John R Szabo
Hello John, unfortunatelly your newswall is password protected so I can not see the output. But the login does look okay :-) So I guess your settings are stored (that's good) but did you also check the permissions of the directory "cache"? If feeds are loaded then you should find files in there already. If not it might be a permission issue. cu Klaus
mike on 09/24/2014  
Hello.. I just moved to a new hosting provider and now my newswall admin section does not work. It saves nothing and I cannot add any feeds. the url is (URL deleted) any suggestions? I have checked all the permissions but nothing seems to help.
Hi Mike, it really sounds like a permission issue. Maybe you do not have the right to write to the root directory? Can you check if it works when you put it all in a folder like .../newswall? Just to see if it is a permission thingy...
mike on 08/06/2014  
simple question. how do i increase the header size so as to add a logo?
Hello Mike. You can find the header height located in css/standard.css. Starting with line 202 there's the panel definition and height: 30px. You can simply change this to whatever size you prefer. The section #panedi (line 213) contains the logo. Hope this helps, cu Klaus
Alex on 05/12/2014  
Klaus can you help me by step by step with /mixitup? Please?
Hey Alex. Unfortunatelly I can not give you more assistance at the moment than the information in the first comment. Writing up a step-by-step instruction would be quite an effort to be done :-/ Sorry, Klaus
Alex on 05/12/2014  
hi Klaus. Thanks im gonna try it ;)
Alex on 04/28/2014  
Hi question. I found this script i wonder how inplent this:
Hi Alex, not sure how easy this script can be added to newswall as a couple of things need to be done:
- add a category field to the rss form (set_settings.php)
- adjust the output list i.e. add class=mix + category (load.php)
- add buttons to select categories (jquery.load.js.php)
- add script in general (index.php)
- probably make some css/script adjustments
I didn't check this all in detail but this is probably the way to go :-) cu Klaus
Matt on 02/17/2014  
Sorry, Klaus. I forgot to insert the code)
I sent the code to your email
And thanks for your help.
Okay. I had a look at it - please check your e-mails :-)
Matt on 02/17/2014  
I ask you this one question - "Can I put the module comments disqus in the Feed page? If so, where should I paste the html code?" and got the answer ... but.. I inserted the html code to where you told me. Comments are displayed, but the one and same on all pages. Can I fix it?
Hey Matt, so far it doesn't sound that bad at all :-) I still don't know the code but there must be some variable that indicates the URL that the comments refer to. As newswall is loading all content via AJAX the URL is always the same - so all comments go in one list. The code that you are using at the moment might identify the current feed/page with a variable like $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']. This needs to be replaced with $shareurl. That should do the trick. If you can not find the variable you're welcome to send me your disqus code and I'll have a look on it. Just let me know... cu Klaus
lola on 01/21/2014  
Hallo Klaus, hab mich insofern falsch ausgedrückt, oberer Balken fehlt nicht komplett. Der Balken ist da, leider kein Logo und auch sonst nichts. Bei Aufruf der Seite erscheint der Balken, weiter passiert nichts. Schreibrechte sind erteilt. Nach Änderung der error_reporting auf (-1) erscheint lediglich die Meldung Hinweis : Undefined index: Passwort in / home / xxx / xxx / xxx / c / c / / htdocs / newswall / functions.php on line 9 und es passiert nichts weiter. Könnte sein, dass die PHP-Konfiguration des WEb-Hosters da was nicht zuläßt (reservierter Speicherplatz?) aber das kann ich leider mangels Kenntnissen nicht beurteilen. Schöne Grüße Lola
Gut, die Hinweismeldung dürfte nicht schuld sein, PHP ist also eher nicht der Haken. Die ganzen Funktionen (auch das Einblenden des Logos) werden über Javascript gesteuert. Entweder wird also das Script nicht geladen oder nicht ausgeführt. Auf die Schnelle würde ich daher auf einen aktiven AdBlocker oder etwas in der Art tippen. Allerdings würde dann wohl auch die Online-Demo hier nicht so richtig funktionieren... Könntest du mir eventuell die www-Adresse deiner Installation mailen, damit ich mir das mal direkt ansehen kann? So theoretisch ist's doch immer etwas knifflig. Danke :-)
lola on 01/19/2014  
Hallo, das Tool gefällt mir sehr gut, leider wird auf meiner Website nur ein schwarzes Fenster angezeigt. Der obere Balken mit dem Logo fehlt ganz. Es läuft auf meinem Webspace PHP 5.3.25. Sollte das Tool damit nicht funktionieren? Oder woran kann das liegen. Schreibrechte erteilt?
Hallo, dass der obere Balken komplett fehlt ist sehr seltsam. Zumindest sollte der Streifen (wenn auch ohne Logo) sichtbar sein. Es klingt fast so als ob beim Entpacken was schief gelaufen wäre. Gibt es denn im Hauptverzeichnis die Ordner css, images, js, languages und magpierss - oder hat sich alles in einem Verzeichnis entpackt? Zweiteres wäre falsch :-) Normalerweise ist zwar anfangs ein schwarzer Bildschirm zu sehen, dort sollte sich jedoch ein Popup für die Feed-Eingabe öffnen.
Ansonsten noch eine kleine Checkliste: Javascript ist aktiviert (sonst würde aber auch eine Fehlermeldung erscheinen)? Eventuell Popup-Blocker testweise deaktivieren (man weiß ja nie). Der Ordner "images" braucht ausreichend Schreibrechte (gerne 666 oder 777). Notfalls könnte man in der Datei functions.php noch die Zeile 2 ändern in error_reporting(-1); um zu sehen, ob es vielleicht doch Probleme mit der PHP-Konfiguration gibt. Mehr fällt mir spontan bei einem "Black-Screen" gerade nicht ein. Vielleicht ist ja was Hilfreiches dabei!? Viel Glück :-)
emmanuela on 08/11/2013  
Good Evening
I am working on a project where i will like to convert this in to an App... do you have any guidance you can possibly provide me please
Hello, isn't a browser based solution more flexible than an (OS specific) App? ;-)
AC on 06/23/2013  
Just curious if there is a forums for posting Mods or anything in the making like that ?
Hello. No, sorry. There's no forums or extra page for mods but you can post them here and I can highlight the entry, add a mods section to the features list or put it on the downloads page.
Alexander on 05/10/2013  
The advantage is that external news shown for us on a website become bigger. Now you need to scroll when the news somewhat larger'm showing. About Gens another question some messages with little text showing where one should scroll to display. Collect the news icoons down again Is it possible that this bar remains on the top side?
from message: 08.05.2013
Der Vorteil ist, dass externe Neuigkeiten für uns auf einer Website werden größer dargestellt. Nun müssen Sie blättern, wenn die Nachrichten etwas larger'm zeigt. Über Gens eine andere Frage einige Nachrichten mit wenig Text zeigt, wo man scrollen muss angezeigt werden. Sammeln Sie die Nachrichten icoons wieder Ist es möglich, dass diese Bar auf der Oberseite bleibt?
Unfortunatelly I can not really follow your thoughts. But you might want to try the following: Instead of a left or right mouse button click on the newswall text (that rolls up the detail page) try to click on it with the middle mouse button. In most browsers this will open the news in a new browser window. Maybe this is what you're looking for..? What the second paragraph is all about I really didn't get. Sorry.
Leider kann ich nicht so recht folgen. Aber du könntest Folgendes probieren: Anstatt den newswall-Text mit der linken oder rechten Maustaste anzuklicken (dadurch wird ja die Detailansicht aufgerollt), kannst du es mit der mittleren Maustaste versuchen. In den meisten Browsern werden die News dann in einem neuen Fenster geladen. Vielleicht ist's das ja..? Worum es beim zweiten Punkt geht, hab ich leider nicht so recht verstanden.
Alexander on 05/08/2013  
ist es möglich, dass anstelle dieser Inhalte sobald Sie auf den TV-Symbol am unteren Rand des Bildschirms, dass quadratische, dass die Inhalte über ein Popup angezeigt durch zu bekommen?
it is possible that, instead of that content after clicking on the TV icon at the bottom of the screen that square that content displayed via a popup get through?
Hallo Alexander, das Ajax Side Panel scheint mir nicht viel anders zu sein als die Umschaltmöglichkeit in newswall (abgesehen von der Animation). Ein Popup wie z.B. bei der Teilen-Funktion (Stern-Icon) wäre schon auch denkbar/machbar, aber was wäre dabei der Vorteil gegenüber der bisherigen Umschalt-Lösung?
Hi Alexander, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the Ajax Side Panel and newswall's switch mode (except the animation).A popup like it is used for the share function (star icon) is possible/scriptable but what would be the benefit above the current switch solution?
Raúl on 04/02/2013  
Gracias, klaus.
Jim on 03/06/2013  
Hi, unfortunately I've forgotten my password and cannot get into my newswall. Can you help?
Thank you, jim
Hello Jim, you need to access your server via FTP and open the file "variable.php.ini" (located in the main newswall directory). This is where the settings are stored - and so is the password. You can see it in the middle of the variables list. "password" is the main password while "panelpass" is the panel protection. In case of need you can even delete the file "variable.php.ini" to clear all the settings. The feeds and mail accounts won't be touched as these are stored in separate files. I hope this will get you back into your newswall.
Mihajlo on 03/02/2013  
Thanks dude for advice, its really works. U have really good support!! Btw... scripts its amazing! keep going working on this project! If u need psds designs write me down! Thanks again!
Mihajlo on 02/27/2013  
Hi, i have install this script but i have problem with images, any suggestion?
The "usual" problem with images is that the feed simply doesn't offer them... You might want to check your installation by using one of the feeds listed in the newswall demo to see if images show up at all. If so then another idea is that images that you want to load are blocked for external use (newswall directly uses/shows the original images of a feed). But this should not affect all your feeds.
bina on 02/08/2013  
i am developing WPF C# app can i use your app to upload news using webbrouser plugin to display news/
Thanks in anticipation
Not sure about the "upload" thing as newswall can only display existing news from external feeds but you are free to use it - oh and of course also free to make a donation if you want to :-)
Alex on 02/03/2013  
I like it ;) Is possible can i put a class inside script for picture effects ?
You're talking about the images on the wall? These already use the class "headimg". This is what you can use to add effects. In case you want to adjust the image tags more individually then edit the file load.php: At the end you can find the sections "message with full size header image" and "message with half size header image" where you just have to look for the img-tag. Just take care of the quotation marks. Oh and scripts you can either add in index.php (embed) or in js/jquery.load.js.php (code). Hope this will help you.
Eric on 08/04/2012  
Thanks for the quick reply.
Easy & thanks for the CHMOD explanations.
Eric on 08/02/2012  
Hi there!
Really nice work, usefull.
Just a question please:
How do you do to make an auto login like i see in your demo please?
I don't want to use a password for the front end, only show the wall like you.
Hello Eric, many thanks for the compliments. If you open newswall's admin section the "General" tab offers two input fields for passwords. Login password (newswall) and Login password (Settings). The first one totally blocks the frontend while the second one only protects the admin section. So if you leave the password (newswall) blank the wall automatically shows up then. In the demo there also is no password set for the settings as people should be able to see the backend. But the ini files are set to "read only" (via FTP) so they can not be changed.
Tahsin Çetinkaya on 07/19/2012  
merhabalar.ben türkiye'den Tahsin.... Bu script ile web sitesi olabilir mi? ? rss haber sitesi olarak kullanmak istiyorum. bu mümkün mü?
Yoksa bu script local mi?
Hi. Tahsin my name ... This may be the website with script? I want to use the rss news site. Is this possible? Or the local script?
Hello Tahsin. newswall needs to know the exact URL of the rss feed, so won't work - it needs to be an address like This will also work on a local server then. Did this answer match your question? :-)
Matt on 07/04/2012  
Matt on 07/03/2012  
Klaus, How to make so that the picture on the front page not hide?
You mean the fading? In the settings (General) you can disable this function by setting the "Fading messages" option to 0 hours.
Matt on 07/03/2012  
Hi, Klaus
Can I put the module comments disqus in the Feed page?
If so, where should I paste the html code?
Hello Matt, I'm not using disqus so I don't know their modules but I guess they offer some kind of php or javascript api. This needs to be added in the file "showfeed.php": Close to the end you find a couple of echo-lines that output some html code and a script section. Now the discus code should be added either after line 181 (clear all) if you want to use the full screen width or before the closing div at then end of line 180 (msgtext) if you want to keep it in line with the feed message. I hope this will help you to get the code running :-) Good luck, Klaus
Matt on 07/02/2012  
Here is an example video post on my site that I took on called ATOM BOY (URL deleted). How do I fix this?
I see. Unfortunatelly the feed does not contain links (href/embed) to the video(s). There only is <lj-embed id="25" /><br /><br /><br /><lj-embed id="26" /> - no youtube or vimeo URL. So it is not possible to display the clips in newswall - except in showing the original page. Sorry :-(
Matt on 07/01/2012  
Just video from the page of the original post. Now the video does not show, but photos
Actually there already is some special video handling included, but it depends on the original post:
- If the post contains a video (youtube/vimeo) with some additional text (or maybe two videos) then you see a snapshot of the video on the wall and if you open the full view mode the video can be watched (right now there's a post "Musician Jim Guthrie" that is working that way).
- If the post really only contains a link to the video then there's also a snapshot of the video on the wall but you can open if directly in a lightbox.
I think a video would be too small if the clip was added in place of the preview image on the wall.
Is this what you had in mind?
Matt on 07/01/2012  
Hi, Can I make this page so -
that the video display too?
What kind of video do you mean? Can you give an example? Thanks.
Daniel on 03/04/2012  
Erst mal ein großes Lob an den Programmierer, sehr tolles Script, ich würde aber gern mehr als 10 Nachrichten pro Quelle anzeigen lassen, er will mir das nicht machen lassen, ich stelle es hoch auf 20, aber das Script zeigt mir nie mehr als 10 an! Wie kann ich das ändern, habe einige Zeilen Programmiercode jetzt auch schon durch, aber ich find es nicht :-/ Über eine schnelle Antwort würde ich mich freuen :-)
Gruß Daniel
Hallo Daniel, vielen Dank fürs Lob :-) Die Einstellung sollte eigentlich funktionieren, hab's auch grade nochmal getestet. Dass nur 10 Nachrichten angezeigt werden kann folgende Gründe haben:
a) Die Einstellung wird nicht gespeichert (dann müsstest du im Adminbereich aber auch immer eine 10 sehen). Das kann man vermutlich ausschließen.
b) Viele RSS-Feeds beinhalten nur 10 Nachrichten. newswall speichert keine alten Einträge, zeigt also nur an, was der Feed liefert. Eventuell mal den Feed direkt über den Browser aufrufen und prüfen, wieviele Posts im Feed stecken.
c) Alte Nachrichten können ausgeblendet werden. Hier könnte man im Adminbereich testweise mal eine hohe Zahl (600 Tage) eintragen. Vielleicht sind ja nur die letzten 10 Posts relativ neu und der Rest wird ausgeblendet.
Die "Limitzeile" im Code findest du in load.php, Zeile 353:
if($count==$vars["maxitems"]) break;
Die könnte man auskommentieren oder löschen, aber ich glaube nicht, dass es daran liegt.
mike on 01/31/2012  
so what you are saying that only the subject line is posted. Is it possible to post the body of the email and or the image as if it is an rss feed?
Well, all is possible but this would require a rewrite of the "e-mail handler section" of the wall view and it would slow down the output (depending on the number of e-mails) as rendering an e-mail (getting its body and attachments) is not as fast (and easy) as reading the subject and sender information.
mike on 01/24/2012  
if you go to my site (URL deleted) and select news wall you see it works great with one exception. I can never get a picture I email to the site to show on the wall. if you click the box and it opens, you get the image but not on the wall..What am I doing wrong?
There's nothing wrong with it, this is correct for e-mails: For the "wall view" newswall uses a fast function that only grabs the subject and sender of an e-mail, so at this point it doesn't know about its content at all and therefore does not show any images that might be included in the message. Rendering e-mails keeps the system busy for quite some time.
For e-mails the idea is to link the sender's name/e-mail address (that shows up in the upper box then) with an image that you upload to the system. So if you get an e-mail from xy you always get to see that image - so you know: "Oh - there's a message from xy" :-)
Rob on 12/23/2011  
Thank you for the great script. I can get this to run properly from the newswall directory but cannot get it to run properly from the root directory of my site.
Just tested in a root directory but didn' face any issues... What comes to my mind: Maybe your server doesn't allow the script to write to the root folder? You might need to adjust the permissions (eg. 755 or 777). In case this is not possible for the folder you might want to try this: Copy the "var...ini.php" files from your first installation (inside newswall directory) to the root folder and adjust the permission of these files (eg. 644 or 666) so the script can access them. Just an idea... :-) Good luck!
Iuras on 11/09/2011  
Thank You!
I have one more question:). It is possibile to display feeds by source like this

I see. Well, after you added the two lines given in the response below now also add after line 355 in file load.php (this is after
 foreach ($allfeeds as $feeditem) {
this new line:

   if($feeditem["source"]!=$memsource) echo'<li style="clear:both;margin:0;"></li>';$memsource=$feeditem["source"];

That way you'll always get a line break after all items of a feed are listed. Adding a "big starting item" for each new feed is more difficult, so fot the moment I can only show you the direction here: Check the lines 101-104 in js/jquery.load.js.php to adapt the resize behaviour... Let me know (via e-mail) if you need some more assistance.
Iuras on 11/08/2011  
It is possibile to sort displayed feeds by source? and add multiple users with their custom settings? Thank you for your work!!! (sorry about my english)
Bad news first: It is not possible to use newswall with different settings for different users, but an individual installment for each user might be an option as the "newswall package" is not that big in size. Now the good news: You can adjust newswall to sort by source :-)

You need to edit the file load.php:
in line 113 replace
and in line 337 replace

And that's it. Now you should see feed after feed... :-)
Dan on 11/06/2011  
Is there any way to have newswall display static html pages too?
So that's kind of a bookmark list then, right? :-) newswall doesn't offer this function by default but it might be possible with a little workaround: You can create a feed file containing the links of the static html pages and then add this file to the feeds in newswall. The links should show up as items then and if you open them in web view mode you get to see the linked html pages...
The feed file should look something like this (each link gets its own item section and pubDate must be sometime in the future to show the link at the beginning of the wall):

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="2.0">
   <title>static HTML pages</title>
     <description>a tool to display feeds and e-mails</description>
     <pubDate>Wed, 01 Jan 2020 00:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
     <title>mayoco CMS</title>
     <description>manage your content</description>
     <pubDate>Wed, 01 Jan 2020 00:00:00 GMT</pubDate>

Save this file as links.xml (for example), upload and then enter its URL in newsfeed. Yep? :-)
phillip on 11/06/2011  
I would like to know how i can use this script to view full rss instead of the shortened versions i get from some websites
In this case the feed probably only contains this shortened text - and newswall can only display what's in the feed. But instead of opening the feed view (left mouse click) you can also open the linked web page (right mouse click). Maybe this is what you're looking for? (The mouse click behaviour can be changed in the settings)
Klaus on 09/16/2011  
newswall V1.10 - ENDVERSION (mehr ist nicht geplant...)
Zum Schluss nochmal einige Neuerungen und Verbesserungen wie eine Zeitleiste, bessere Vorschau-Bildunterstützung von Videos, neue Themes und einiges mehr (siehe Versionen-Übersicht)... Viel Spaß!
FINAL RELEASE (there are no further plans...)
This ultimate version comes with yet some more innovations and improvements like a timeline, better support for image preview of videos, some additional themes and so much more (see Version History)... Have fun!
Antoine Alloin on 09/13/2011  
I would like to know if you developed some NewsWall for Mac ....
There are no plans for OS specific apps. But as newswall is browser based it should work with all kind of OS that offers a modern web browser. For example you can check out the demo version. I'm using newswall on iMac from time to time but it should also work on iPad and other Mac devices with Safari browser. Do you face any problems on Mac?
Peter on 07/31/2011  
Thank you very much.
Peter on 07/30/2011  
Is it possible to disable the `resize the latest article's box` feature?
I'd like to have all the boxes the same size...
Thank you!
Yes it is, but you need to edit the script - still easy: Open the file newswall/js/jquery.load.js.php. Scroll down to line 103 where you see the comment "Big box for big text". Above it there are 4 lines refering to ".stripe ul li:eq(0)". Simply add // in front of all these lines or delete them. You can do the same with line 104-114 (the "Big box for big text" section) to avoid big boxes for big text, too :-)
Hans on 07/29/2011  
I have a question. I bought a tablet. It runs on Android 2.2. When I start the webpage it won't scroll down. I can only read the first 8 articles. ;-).
Still using your program every day and also at my school where I made the dutch translation for (you have it also from me)
Hey Hans. Thanks for still using newswall :-) On tablets the scrollbars are usually disabled but you can still scroll by "moving the finger on screen". For newswall this means you need to touch some space/area between the news blocks and then move your finger up or down. This might be difficult as this space is very small using the standard styles. Depending on the screen resolution and how the boxes fit in there you might see some space on the left or right side of the wall that makes it easier to touch and roll the screen there. Let's see if this helps. If so you can also adjust a css (style) file to make the spaces between the blocks larger.
Klaus on 07/14/2011  
newswall V1.09 - Schutz von Titel-Bild-Links und E-Mail-FehlerbereinigungTitle-image-links protection and e-mail bugfix
mike on 07/13/2011  
not to be a pest, but :-) how is the email fix coming? cannot wait to roll that out with some of our upgrades over the weekend. we will have one click classifieds for free and all local advertising will only be 10 USD per month per business. your wall will really come in handy for our new social media link system.. keep up the GREAT WORK...
Version 1.09 is out now! :-)
mike on 07/09/2011  
have been trying to get the wall to show email posts. tried your ideas posted below, but none seem to answer the issue. any new ideas, as everyone loves the wall, we have almost 2 million users right now, but they all want email posts. come visit us at and sign up for your free account.. we would really like to have you onboard.
Sorry for the e-mail issue. This should be fixed with the next release (coming very soon).
EDIT: version 1.09 should fix that e-mail issue.
mike on 06/30/2011  
love your wall.. have employed it as a regular feature of .. i however forgot my password.. where do I go to reset it?
There is no reset function but you can log into your ftp server and simply delete or edit the file "variable.php.ini". If you delete it you will only lose the general settings made, feeds and email settings are stored separately.
Jason on 06/10/2011  
You have done a great job with this. I just want to make a few modifications and I can't find them. I want the initial view to be the picture and description to the right. Kind of like the mouseover, but the description to the right. Could you steer me in that direction? I have been looking, but can't find it.
You can find the "initial view" (the newswall boxes) in the file load.php. At the end of the script there are three sections: message with full size header image, message with half size header image and message with title and text. Each handles a special kind of display mode but they all are set up the same way: <li><div class="head" /><div class="content" /></li> - so it "might" be possible to do that change via CSS only but I didn't check it out in detail. However: This is the direction you should have a look at for this kind of change... Good luck :)
Rahul on 06/09/2011  
I want to make following 2 changes in the theme.. How do i do these??
1. Remove lightbox
2. Replace top right corner images with favicon images
Thanks for making great theme :)
1. As the lightbox is also used for the admin section I guess you only want to remove the gallery effect, right? You can do this by editing the file load.php. In the section "message with half size header image" you can find rel="prettyPhoto[\'gal\']" (line 350). Just rename prettyPhoto to something different and the lightbox won't open anymore (but directly open the image in the browser instead). As an alternative you can edit the "<a href=...>" tag there to totally remove the link.
2. Actually the top right corner images should already show the favicon. You can find the function starting in line 160 of load.php. If the favicon doesn't show up then the script wasn't able to find it at the standard location (www.url.tld/favicon.ico) or it can not handle the file. Or it uses a feed info image if a URL is given in the feed header. You can find all favicons stored in the folder newswall/images/favicons/. For example you can delete all .ico files there to update the icons with the next reload of the newswall.
mike on 05/27/2011  
thank you for your quick reply.. one more question about email. i can add a pop3 email account and it finds it and the subject line but then says it cannot connect to email server and never displays the body text.. what am i doing wrong...
Aaaaaaah sorry: Version 1.09 should fix that e-mail issue.
mike on 05/26/2011  
works great.. (URL deleted) problem is the password protect works for the page itself but the admin password just doesnt work. So if i make it public i cannot protect the admin side of it.. what am i doing wrong?
Hello Mike. Thanks. It seems to me that the admin section of your installation is protected. At least I can not login there. The logins work per session, so once you close the browser or change the password the login form should show up again.
But ... even with an admin password set it is still possible to link title texts with images. Maybe that's what you're wondering about?
EDIT: version 1.09 now also protects the title-image-links.
Klaus on 04/04/2011  
newswall V1.08 - Unterstützung von E-Mail-Anhängen und SSL für Gmail-AccountsSupport for e-mail attachments and SSL for Gmail accounts
Ted on 03/21/2011  
I really like what you do, but I when installed it in a free host to check it out, other the logo and when I clicked on it, it does allowed me enter something and saved it too - also password etc., but no feeds shown at all ? I wonder what went wrong or may be it is due to the fact that the free host just won't run ? Any clue ? Has anyone installed this script successfully ? If so, maybe I should order a good host (I thought of doing that later)?
One question: When say it does display email ? Does it display email with embedded image or perhaps with the image attached ?
If the (free) hosting is not limited in its (PHP) functions then newswall should work. Maybe you want to check out other "popular" feeds as maybe its a problem with the feeds that you entered. The e-mail functionality is very basic, so only text is displayed.
EDIT: version 1.08 now also supports e-mail attachments :-)
Any news on 03/10/2011  
Hi there,
I translated the program into dutch an have a question.
Is it difficult to make some kind of ticker that show new messages?
I still use the program at school, but evrything must go quicker so I thought of this.
It is still a very handy program, I have three up and running: news, sport and weather
So far there are no plans for other visualization aspects. It might be possible to redesign the "wall" as a scrolling ticker but I think this would be another app then ;-)
AJO on 02/18/2011  
Thank you for the quick response, you are right, it would make things complicated. I thought about making a Wordpress theme but my programming/html skills are not so good. Time to get learning CSS/HTML (again) :-)
AJO on 02/16/2011  
first of all: thank you for building an easy to use product :-)
the question i have : is it difficult to build an extra option like imap for using mysql. something like filling in an database/username/password and query.
why? because i have al lot of rss feeds imorting to a wordpress site. I like to use newswall as the frontend for the users without using rss from wordpress to newswall.
otherwise search engines index newswall and wordpress content. Users are than possible redirected to the wordpress article instead of the newswall article
kind regards,
Thanks fo the compliments :-) Well, it wouldn't be hard to set up another input form for the GUI with the required fields but in the end it would be difficult for the user to enter the correct query. It would be more an "advanced feature" that takes away the simplicity of the current GUI. In your case I think it would be better to hardcode it all into the php files without making the query editable (as it is one special Wordpress DB that you want to access). Making it all editable and working for all kind of blog/CMS DBs might be too "excessive" :-)
Wouldn't it be easier to set up a custom Wordpress theme that imitates the newswall design?
e on 01/26/2011  
for gmail imap, im using i keep getting message " Error: Can not connect to e-mail server". Do I need to change to port 993 somewhere?
I see. IMAP in newswall always uses port 143. Maybe we can solve this issue... Please check your PM :-)
EDIT: version 1.08 now offers SSL for Gmail accounts.
ören on 01/18/2011  
i have problem wordpress says them is not have css file help pls
Wordpress? How is this related to newswall?
Klaus on 01/04/2011  
newswall V1.07 - Jetzt mit "Teilen"-Funktion :-)Now with "Share" function :-)
C.R. on 12/19/2010  
vielen Dank für deine Antwort.
Auf dem Server ist PHP 5 .. .
Die Daten wie gelesen auf dem Server per FTP, ok.
Aufruf der Seite www. /de/newswall funktioniert zum Teil. D.h. Es wird die Anfangsseite angezeigt mit einem rotierenden Kreis und ohne Inhalt. Die Schreibrechte habe ich in der image.php auf 777 gesetzt, ok.
2ter Versuch mit www. /de/newswall/login.php Die Seite wird angezeigt und oben rechts erscheinen 3 Punkte und ein kleines Schlosssymbol.
Die login.php wird angezeigt jedoch was muß ich da eingeben ??
Bei einer Neuinstallation sollte sich nach dem rotierenden Kreis sofort das Fenster für die Einstellungen zeigen. Sollte der Kreis verschwinden, sich ansonsten nichts tun, dann oben aufs Logo klicken (ist bei älteren Versionen so). login.php wird nur bei Bedarf vom System aufgerufen, als User nutzt man also wirklich nur den Verzeichnisaufruf (bzw. eben index.php).
Alternativ kannst du mir auch mal den kompletten Pfad deiner Installation mailen. Vielleicht kann ich dann weiterhelfen. Ansonsten würde mir gerade nur noch eine Neuinstallation als Ausweg einfallen. Vielleicht wurde ja irgendeine Datei bei Upload nicht komplett übertragen...
C.R. on 12/18/2010  
habe die "newswall" hier entdeckt und finde die Idee super. Nun aber, gibt es Menschen, die keine Ahnung von Programieren haben, so wie ich. Kleine Dinge funktionieren ganz gut.
Habe aber ein Problem mit der newswall Installation.
1) Ordner erstellt mit dem Namen "newswall"
2) die gesamten Daten auf den Server geladen
3) Daten sind drauf
4) steht in der Beschreibung : www. .../neswall aufrufen und fertig ??
5) es passiert nichts
6) brauche eine genauere Anleitung um das ganze zu starten: z.b.
gibt es eine "install.php" ?
welche Ordner brauchen welche Attribute ?
und in welcher Datei ändere ich die Bilder und Kommentare ? usw.
So etwas fehlt leider in der Anleitung, da hier ja auch mit einem Login gearbeitet wird.
Würde mich freuen, wenn ich dazu eine Antwort bekommen könnte.
Eine genauere Anleitung ist eigentlich nicht nötig, weil newswall nach Aufruf des Verzeichnisses schon laufen müsste. Eine Installationsdatei gibt's nicht und ein Passwort ist anfangs nicht gesetzt. Läuft auf deinem Server denn PHP5? Mit PHP4 läuft newswall nicht! Das ist wohl der häufigste Grund, warum's nicht klappt... Vielleicht ist das auch bei dir der Haken?
Dann zu den Attributen: Das "newswall"-Verzeichnis sowie die anfangs leeren Verzeichnisse im Ordner "images" benötigen ausreichend Schreibrechte. Üblicherweise 777 oder 755. Das hängt auch vom Provider ab. Manchmal muss man auch gar nichts verändern.
Welche "Bilder und Kommentare" möchtest du denn ändern? Die Newsblöcke ergeben sich aus den abonnierten Feeds.
Im Prinzip ist's wirklich so einfach: Script aufspielen, Verzeichnis aufrufen und schon können Feeds eingetragen werden. Über das Admin-Fenster, das am Anfang erscheint und das man auch über das Newswall-Logo aufrufen kann, werden alle Eingaben gemacht.
Eventuell bietet dein Server PHP4 und PHP5, läuft aber standardmäßig mit PHP4. In dem Fall könnte man über eine htaccess-Datei für newswall die Version sozusagen umswitchen. Gib dann einfach nochmal Bescheid, wenn das helfen könnte.
giggernl on 11/25/2010  
Hi Klaus,I love this script!
How can we monetize this?
(URL deleted)
Well, feel free to use the donation button up top :-)
Godz on 11/24/2010  
Hello, great job!
What about the updating javascript?
jquery 1.3.2 -> new 1.4.4
prettyPhoto 2.5.6 -> new 3.0
jQuery blockUI 2.33 (29-MAR-2010) -> new 2.35 (23-SEP-2010)
Klaus on 11/21/2010  
newswall V1.06 - FehlerbereinigungenBugfixes
Ludo on 11/19/2010  
it would be nice if it is possible to the newswall into a webpage with a smaller block.
You mean "embed" it in a webpage? Well, this is possible: You can do do something like <iframe src="path/to/newswall/index.php" width="400" height="300"></iframe> or <object data="path/to/newswall/index.php" type="text/html" width="400" height="300"></object> - both tag lines add the newswall as a block on a webpage. Depending on the block size that you want to use you might need to adjust the CSS file too.
Manolis on 11/13/2010  
Great work!
1. I have to say that i would really like to have an option to change the number of feeds per source individually. Let's say, one source will only show 5 feeds, another source i want it to show me 10 feeds.
2. Also, the search function is not working. What would be wrong?
Moreover, 3. how can i change it, when i click on the image, not open the image, but the newsfeed itself, as it would be if i would click on the text below the image.
And, 4. which files should i change in order to, lets say, add a "donate" button between the "newswall" logo and search bar ?
Thanks in advance. This script is awesome, gonna donate soon!
1. I see your point but I think it would make the setup too difficult (not technically but for usability).
2. You need to enter at least 4 characters. Maybe that's the point?
3. Open the file load.php. Close to the end of the script you find the section "message with half size header image". Now copy the <a ...> tag of the text link (line 321) and replace the image link (line 311) with this one. That's it.
4. Eeeeh, yes... Thanks. Your donation is welcome. I'm looking forward to it :-)
Tomi on 11/12/2010  
How do I configure this script, I can access the login and dont even know what the default login details are
First upload the script to your server then direct the broswer to the new newswall directory. The settings panel will show up (by default there is no password set at all) and you can enter feed addresses, mail logins and adjust some more settings by selecting the different tabs. Then refresh. There's nothing more to do... Later you can always open the settings panel with a click on the newswall logo up top.
Klaus on 11/11/2010  
newswall V1.05 - Suchfunktion und Passwortschutz für die EinstellungenSearch function and password protection for settings panel
Machma ordentlich on 11/10/2010  
1. Du verwendest die falsche RSS Bibliothek - magpie hat einfach viel zu viele Probleme mit dem parsen von feeds, es gibt immer wieder probleme mit allen möglichen und unmöglichen websites. geh mal zu und denk drüber nach, ob Dein klasse Frontend nicht ein besseres Backend verdienen würde. Vielleicht wäre auch simplepie eine bessere Alternative, wenn es unbedingt php sein muss.
2. bitte mach ein projekt bei github daraus, man kann ja hier weder bugs reporten noch vernünftig code beitragen oder sonstwie kollaborieren.
1. SimplePie hab ich anfangs auch getestet, letztlich gefiel mir Magpie aber besser. Und ein Umstieg auf Python (pp) macht's insgesamt auch nicht einfacher... Aber Danke für den Hinweis. Vielleicht probier' ich's nochmal mit SimplePie.
2. Oh nein. Da bleibe ich lieber bei E-Mails. Wer will kann gerne schreiben oder auch hier kommentieren. Das klappt bisher eigentlich ganz gut.
Sine on 11/04/2010  
"corner mini images: Actually the icon already shows up depending on the feed! :-) You can see it in the demos."
Effectively, none of the 5 sources I use have a favicon in their rss root folder :(
May it be possible to define alternative icons?
I've also noticed a little bug : testing the POC (no effect for me) pointed here in comments (URL deleted), I wanted to delete the flux but it doesn't work...
You can always manually add/change the icons: open images/favicons and add an .ico file there. The name needs to start with the feeds domain address followed by "-favicon.ico". So for example works for facebook feeds.
Thanks for directing me to that POC comment. It'll be fixed in the next release. Now for your problem: Open the file varfeeds.php.ini and delete the line with that weird feed address. That's all :-)
Sine on 11/04/2010  
I forgot : it could be nice too to have the article title next "newswall" in <title> while looking at an article, so it would be readable even when we are at the bottom of articles, and the tab would be more easy to locate when there are a lot of them opened.
I also suggest you to add dates next to the update notifications in the features page.
I'll see what I can do with the title... The readme file already contains the dates and they are visible here in the comments but true: Adding them to the update infos here on the site is also a good idea :-) Thanks.
EDIT: Release dates are now also listed in the online version history :-)
Version 1.05 now shows the article's headline in the browser's title bar.
Sine on 11/04/2010  
Hello Klaus, very great script!
Also waiting for the setting password protection ^^
I've a suggestion : instead of having the rsss icon in corner of each news, it would be great to have the possibility to display a favicon (or an image) related to the website in question. So the distinction between the different sources would be easier.
Nota bene : in french translation, it's "Réglages", with an accent ;)
Thanks you. Ah, password protection. Okay ;-) Corner mini images: Actually the icon already shows up depending on the feed! :-) You can see it in the demos. Maybe the feeds that you added to your newswall do not offer an image by themselves or the related website does not offer a favicon in its root folder? The RSS icon is only a fallback if no icon can be found. And: Accent will be added in the next release ;-) Thanks.
EDIT: version 1.05 now offers panel protection :-)
jquery video on 11/04/2010  
Hallo Klaus, wäre es möglich eine Jquery video feature zu implementieren? sodass, wenn jemand auf ein youtube video anclickt, das video in dem Popup abgespielt wird. Kannst du mir vielleicht da weiterhelfen?
Tolle Arbeit, mag das App.
Siehe E-Mail. Diese spezielle youtube-Unterstützung kommt in der nächsten Version.
Search News on 11/03/2010  
Hi. Great app. How to search into the newswall; Regards. Theo
So far there's no search function included at all. You might want to use the browsers page search function (STRG+F) to find expressions on the newswall but this of course is a very limited way to search for special messages.
Daryl Lau on 11/03/2010  
Thanks for a wonderful script mate. I too fully support the need to password protect the admin / settings area. For the time being, how or where do I add my password in the settings file?
The password thing is on my todo list :-) Using the settings area creates a new file that also includes the password definition but it is also possible to add "password" => "-your-plain-password-" to the standard ini file. But it is not recommended to do so as updates might contain a new standard ini file while the created variable file won't be touched.
EDIT: version 1.05 now offers panel protection :-)
Klaus on 11/03/2010  
newswall V1.04 - Anpassbares Mausklick-VerhaltenCustomizable mouse click behaviour
to on 11/02/2010  
Vielen Dank!!! Hat perfekt geklappt.
Zwei "Kleinigkeiten" hab ich noch. Zum einen möchte ich die Höhe und Breite des ersten, großen Bildes ändern (soll so groß angezeigt werden wie die anderen auch). Außerdem hab ichs nicht hin bekommen, die Größe der "Tooltips" zu ändern. Ich hätte die gern etwas größer (inklusive der enthaltenen Bildern).
Ich frickel hier schon ne ganze Weile rum, aber schaff es einfach nicht ...
Vielleicht hast du ja den entscheidenden Tipp!?
Vielen Dank und Grüße!
Okay, mal sehen: Also die große Box kannst du in jquery.load.js.php ändern. Dort am Ende des Abschnitts "Adjust sizes" die vier Zeilen (54-57) mit $(".stripe ul li:eq(0)") rauswerfen. Die Tooltips kannst du per CSS verändern: .titimg ist dabei die Definition fürs Bild. Du kannst dort aber auch Schriftgrößen definieren.
Die Tooltip-Größe kannst du in js/jquery.load.js.php definieren: In Zeile 45 findest du style: {name:'dark',... Für eine feste Breite schreibe hier einfach style: {width:420,name:'dark',... Wenn es variabel bleiben soll, geht auch style: {width:{min:250,max:650},name:'dark',... die Breitenangaben kannst du natürlich beliebig ändern. So, viel Spaß dann noch beim Weiterfrickeln :-)
to on 11/01/2010  
Super Script!
Hab lange nach soetwas gesucht.
Was ich mich noch Frage: gibt es irgendwo eine Doku?
Ich würde gern einige Details ändern und weiß nicht so recht wo. Ich möchte z.B. NUR Bilder anzeigen, keine Texte. Und die Bilder vielleicht etwas größer... Wo kann ich das einstellen? Oder geht das alles über das theme-css???
Beste Grüße!
Erstmal vielen Dank für das Lob :-) Eine Doku gibt's nicht, aber ich kann ein wenig helfen: Um die Größe der Bilder zu ändern, reicht tatsächlich eine Änderung des CSS-Files. Dann zum Thema "NUR Bilder". Das dürfte recht einfach zu realisieren sein. In der Datei load.php findest du am Ende die drei Anzeigevarianten (nur Bild, halb Bild/halb Text, nur Text). Wenn du die IF-Abfrage (nur Bild, Zeile 280) "deaktivierst" [ z.B. ersetzen durch if(1==1) ] und die nur Text-Variante ebenfalls ins Leere laufen lässt [ Zeile 308 - else if(1==0): ], sollte das schon eine Bilderwand ergeben. Gutes Gelingen :-)
Brian Lang on 10/27/2010  
Looks very promising! That being said, here's some items you could help me with:
1. I set a password, but it doesn't seem to remember it. If I leave the Newswall page and go back, I have to type my password again.
2. Would be nice to have the option on clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen when viewing a story to have it open in a new browser tab/window.
3. When does the content get refreshed? I saw a refresh option from clicking the logo at the top, but does it refresh after x minutes?
4. Are the story items cached at all? Is there any way to "mark as read" so items don't show up again after you've read an item?
1. The password unlocks the newswall per session. So as long as the browser is open you should be able to access the newswall, no matter if you close the tab. But there is no cookie set to access the newswall without entering the password after you closed the browser. Maybe an option for a next release...
2. You can do this with a click on the middle mouse button from the wall view. But yes: It's not yet possible to do this via the detail screen.
3. In the settings you can define to "Refresh messages after (minutes)". Standard setting is 5 minutes.
4. The story items are actually cached but only for internal use of the feed reader. Right now there is no way to mark news in any way. There's a number of ideas what could be done, but so far the script only offers the basic functions :-)
EDIT: Using version 1.05 you can now open the article's webpage in a new window/tab with a click on its title in the feed view.
Jorge on 10/25/2010  
* I think when using RClick to display feed and the LClick to display the source will be nicer
-how can i do that??
-can you make it display adsense in loading content as banner at the top??
*about securing the panel i think the only way is to delete the "set_settings.php" afte modifying rss links you want, when you want to add rss restore it..
For the "feed style display swap thing" check the comment @francesco (maybe I'll change the behaviour in a next release) and for ads look at @magicor :-)
EDIT: Using version 1.04 offers a way to change the mouse click behaviour.
Ryan on 10/24/2010  
I have the same issue as Mikael. I have tried all CHMOD settings and nothing makes a difference. Not even able to edit the settings or anything.
If the directory permissions are set correctly and there is no general "writing lock" then maybe there's no PHP5 running on the server? Just an idea...
Mikaël on 10/23/2010  
Hi and thanx for sharing this script !
Unfortunately, I can't manage to add any feed in the settings, nor any email account... The app seems not to record any new information. The newswall directory and all its files and subdirectories are on chmod 777.
Thanx for your help.
Some servers do not like the "all open" setting 777. Maybe just try using 755 for directories. I hope this is it!? :-) Oh and files should not be set to 777, better use 666 or 644.
Andrew on 10/23/2010  
Hey, this is great! I love you work here. Just wanted to thank you for sharing it. I'd also like to join in on the bandwagon requesting a way to password protect or lock out other visitors to the page so that they can't access the control panel. It currently works as a wonderful personal feed reader, but could be a great addition to any site with just that tweak. Thanks again!
Thank you. Panel protection might come with a next release. Please stay tuned ;-)
EDIT: version 1.05 now offers panel protection :-)
Rob on 10/23/2010  
Hello, congrats for your brilliant work!. I have been trying to use your script and was wondering if this type of url are ok? "" because I cannot make them to show.. I did get the permissions as you described that is why I am asking if my urls are not ok.. my feeds shows ok in IE, Firefox..
Thanks very much, and again congrats!
It is possible to use URLs like that, so this is not the reason why they do not show up. The parser just can't handle some feeds. Maybe these are of that kind. If there's an alternative feed URL (eg rss.php?feed=atom or a mirror via feedburner) you might want to give this a try. In case of need you might want to drop me a line (see link above) so we can check this out in detail.
Hans Blaauw on 10/23/2010  
Hi, is there a way to prevent loading the settings screen but still to show the newswall items?
Not yet, but I'll put it on my todo list. Thanks for the request :-)
EDIT: version 1.05 now offers panel protection :-)
Michael on 10/23/2010  
Hi. Sieht ja Klasse aus - Danke für´s Teilen! ;-)
Ich bekomme jedoch immer die Meldung: "Keine Verbindung zum E-Mail-Server", obwohl die drei eingegebenen + gespeicherten Daten 100% korrekt sind!??
Ne Idee, woran das liegen könnte?
und WELCHE Ordner genau muss ich mit WELCHEN Rechten genau ausstatten? Alles 777 kann ja nicht sein, oder (so habe ich das bislang)?
Danke und Gruss,
Eigentlich muss nur für den newswall-(Haupt-)Ordner und das images-Verzeichnis 777 oder 755 gesetzt werden. Das sollte reichen. Zum E-Mail-Problem hab ich gerade nur eine Idee: Eventuell ist auf deinem Server das IMAP-Modul nicht installiert bzw. nicht aktiviert. Könnte das sein?
EDIT: Version 1.04 unterstützt nun auch E-Mail-Accounts ohne TLS.
Edwin on 10/23/2010  
Hi there,
Great script, thank you :)
Just what I needed!
One question though, I placed the script in the root map of my Wordpress installation. The feeds do show, but the images do not. I extended the rights of the images folder, so writing is enabled.
Any idea ?
Kind regards,
newswall does not cache images (except the small fav icons), they are loaded from the original address. So maybe the feed supplier does not allow other apps to load the images!? Could this be the reason?
magicor on 10/22/2010  
Ok, it is not really a "real need" for me. I thought it might be a way to fill the big white space that is in the pre-visualization. And of course, this could be a way to help pay for the server and/or bandwith. Personally I would like to solve this issue. But so far, my limited knowledge has not succeeded. Anyway your script is very nice as is. Thank you very much, sir.
Thank you too :-)
magicor on 10/22/2010  
I wonder if it is possible to put some ad-code like adsense in the preview rss page. I have tried in various ways but nope (not working). I have tried using iframes at showfeeds.php but then the panweb button don't work properly (I get a blank page). Do you know any solution?
Another thing, if you have not yet spanish translation yet I can send it to you.
Thank you very much.
Huh!? Why would someone want to add ads!? Better keep it free of ads :-) In case of "real need" please drop me a line (see link above) - I think it is manageable. A spanish translation is already there, but many thanks for your offer.
Dinesh on 10/22/2010  
Clicking to open a site sometimes takes forever - any ideas on speeding this up? Great app otherwise.
This is because newswall reveals the page after it is loaded completely while a standard browsers already shows some content while loading it. If you put the slideDown function before the load function you can see the content while loading but it's not that pretty anymore :-)
mike on 10/21/2010  
how do i secure the control panel?
You can define a login password in the settings section. This is to protect the whole system (so noone can access it at all). But there is no function yet to password protect the control panel after the login (if this was your intention). Sorry. I'll keep you request in mind for a next release of newswall... Thanks.
EDIT: version 1.05 now offers panel protection :-)
francesco on 10/21/2010  
Hi, congratulation for this work. A question, how to change the mouse buttons functions: left mouse click opens web view of feed message and not right mouse click ? I'm working to translate it in italian language.
The controls are hard coded that way but you might want to check the file load.php and search for onclick= and oncontextmenu=, then change these events. Make sure to only adjust the functions that control loadrss and loadsite. This should do the trick :-) The language file is very welcome. Thanks.
EDIT: Using version 1.04 offers a way to change the mouse click behaviour. The language file is still very welcome. :-)
Jim on 10/20/2010  
How do the different .ini files work? Can you provide examples, especially of your demo site? That would help me understand how to configure my site.
You do not need to actually edit the .ini files. They just contain the data that you can add and edit by clicking on the newswall logo up top. You only need to enter your feed addresses and mail accounts there. That's all... :-)
Jorge Epuñan on 10/20/2010  
Have the spanish translation... how can I send it to you?
Hey that sounds great, please check your e-mails. :-) Thank you very much!
Klaus on 09/30/2010  
newswall V1.03
Stephen on 08/22/2010  
How can I read a secure RSS (atom) from Google's gmail?
Typically you do this:
Any thoughts?
Yes! Please also add the port num (443) to the feed URL. So it goes

EDIT: Using version 1.03 should do the trick now without special port integration :-)
Klaus on 08/14/2010  
newswall V1.02
Klaus on 07/21/2010  
newswall V1.01
HotScripts Team on 07/10/2010  
via Twitter Amazing 'News Wall' script that displays feeds or e-mails - see demo at:
Klaus on 07/02/2010  
newswall V1.00
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